Learn and Apply the Little-Known Secrets to Elite Strength Program Design

Program design is an artform. 
Balancing the intricate waves of volume and intensity to faciliate the optimal training response is a skill understood solely by a handful of the worlds top coaches.
On my long journey to becoming a powerlifting world record holder, I spent every waking hour trying and failing to develop the ideal programming strategies to maximize strength, muscle hypertrophy, and resistance to fatigue.
And while my countless failures never felt good...they were the catalysts driving me to work harder than ever before and eventually create The Maximum Strength Seminar. 
Now I can look back and recognize every failure I had along the way was worth its frustration in gold because each one led me to develop this truly unique and incredibly effective system.
During the 90-minute Maximum Strength Seminar I will teach you the principles of my programming methodologies and show you exactly how to use them to build strength, increase muscle size, improve resistance to fatigue, and ensure that you understand concepts most coaches will never comprehend. 

Master My 4-Step Movement Assessment and Immediately Pinpoint Your      Unknown Weaknesses

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Q: Do you have trouble getting low enough in the squat?
Q: Is your mobility keeping you from getting stronger?
Q: Do you want to learn how to assess your own movement and pinpoint your unknown weaknesses in less than 60-seconds? 
Using my 4-step movement assessment, in The Maximum Strength Seminar I teach you precisely how to assess your own movement and determine EXACTLY what training strategies you need to use to move like a ninja, lift like a war horse, and perform like an olympian. 
A quick and simple to understand movement analysis, my 4-step assessment will give you the ability to analyze your body's movement on a level most performance coaches couldn't even begin to fathom.

Build Your Foundation for World Record Strength Through Learning My Exercise Progressions & Variations

shutterstock_103261571Every halfway decent coach and lifter understands the importance of exercise progressions and variations.


You might have the best deadlift technique in the world but if you don't have an extensive repertoire of tried and tested progressions and variations, odds are you'll never build a truly impressive backbone of strength.


More importantly, if you don't know how to assess which progressions and variations are optimal for you (based on your indidual weaknesses) your lifts will regularly stall out, plateau, and never reach your true potential. 


That's why I dedicated a huge portion of The Maximum Strength Seminar to teaching and providing you with a massive repertoire of progressions and variations that will allow you to build world record strength.


Complete with video demonstrations and in-depth instructions, you'll take home tons of little-known tips and tricks that most strength and conditioning coaches don't even know exist.


But Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Jordan's Maximum Strength Seminar is informative, enjoyable, and one of the best resources for strength coaches and lifters of all levels.

Not only did Jordan provide a great framework for improving the efficiency of your lifts, he also laid out the blueprint to help you achieve your true strength potential.

If you're interested in learning why your lifts are stalling, how to improve your squat, press, or deadlift, or just want to learn from a powerlifting world record holder...this is a resource that will prove to be valuable for years to come.

Miguel Aragoncillo www.miguelaragoncillio.com

Strength Coach at Cressey Sports Performance

Jordan's seminar is one of the best investments I've ever made on my path to being as strong and as fit as possible. From the moment the seminar started I learned new stretches and cues that helped improve my performance immediately.
I learned what I need is stability, not mobility, and how I can assess that in myself and my athletes. Jordan's coaching is solid, fresh, and what I need to keep progressing in my training; I was able to take what I learned that day and apply it many times over: my core is stronger than ever and my form is the best it's ever been.
As an athlete or a coach you will definitely learn something from Jordan that you will be able to use again and again to continue improving yourself and your clients!

Emily Evans

Powerlifter, Crossfitter, Strength Coach

Jordan's squat, overhead press, and deadlift seminar is a perfect example of how strength training methodology can be expertly adapted and modified for a variety of goals. Jordan methodically tailors his presentation and gives hands-on coaching cues and demonstrations that are both accessible to the beginner and informative for the experienced trainer.
I'd highly recommend the seminar to athletes looking to build strength toward a wide range of goals. Jordan's teaching style is a testament to the fact that smart strength training can benefit everyone in their fitness journey.

David Tao

Creative Director at RhinoCo Fitness

The 90 MINUTE Maximum Strength Seminar is
"Unlike Any Lifting Program You've Ever Seen!"

  • In this seminar I'm going to lead you through my private programming systems that I've used with tremendous success with everyone from professional athletes and world renowned lifters to everday lifting enthusiasts.
  • I'm going to teach you how to assess your own movement, pinpoint your unknown weaknesses, and design a training program that will increase your strength more in 90-days than most people do in their entire life.
  • By the end of the 90-minute seminar you will fully understand what "perfect form" means for the squat, overhead press, and deadlift. And, more importantly, you'll know how to analyze, correct, and strengthen each lift better than 99% of coaches.
  • Most importantly, I'm practically giving The Maximum Strength Seminar away because right now it's on sale at a ridiculously low price.

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